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Our early childhood development programs partner with a group of child care professionals who possess the same goals and nurturing instincts that you have for your child. We encourage life skills, build confidence, and provide a safe place for your young children to learn and grow. Most of our entire staff has been here since the doors opened more than 10 years ago in 2004.

In our infant daycare, we'll give your infant gentle and stimulating activities to make them feel secure and cared for while maximizing their potential for brain growth and development. Every day, we'll be sure to share your baby's accomplishments with you.

From language and mobility skills to problem solving, self-help, and decision-making, our child daycare experts will help your little one flourish while empowering him or her to be independent, self-reliant, and to gain a healthy self-image.

Let us help you personalize your child's preschool experience with a focus on their interests and budding skills. From literacy to preparation for kindergarten, our creative curriculum is the perfect place to begin their education.Contact A-Zanipolo Early Childhood Development Childcare Learning Center, LLC in Independence, MO to learn more about our early childhood daycare services.